If you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI in Miami, you likely feel as if you have been thrown into a vast and often contradicting system. Without the proper guidance from a qualified Miami DUI attorney, the consequences can be grave. There is much at stake with a DUI arrest.

You could have your license suspended, face a criminal record, and possibly jail. It’s
essential to place experience on your side in defending your DUI case.

In your DUI defense, we’ll pursue every aspect of your case that can be used to our advantage. The DA will need to prove that all procedures associated with your arrest were properly carried out.

Our job as DUI lawyers is to ensure that we evaluate the numerous criteria that can weaken
the prosecution’s case. Choose a DUI attorney who is well versed with the Miami
courts and has observed the tendencies of the judges. It’s essential to have
the best representation available.

Did you know that in Florida, you have 10 days from your arrest until your license faces suspension? One thing that you may have already ascertained about your case is that time is not on your side. Decisive action is required to retain your driving privileges in Florida. And that’s simply the beginning.

It’s pivotal to retain attorneys with experience defending DUI cases in Miami courts. You can expect an aggressive defense that’s focused on weakening the DA’s case as much as possible. No matter what, we’ll always work towards the best possible outcome. This is not an attorney website.